• The service dept has always been exceptional, and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly.

    I have been coming to Morrey Mazda on the North Shore since I purchased my vehicle there in 2007. The service dept has always been exceptional, and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. In the last few years, I have been dealing mostly with Chris at the service desk, and he goes above and beyond in both service explanations and addresses all my concerns in a friendly and professional way. He always remembers my name, and I've witnessed him treat every customer in the same friendly and helpful way each and every time I have been in the waiting room over the years. I've also witnessed him deal with difficult customers and he never loses his cool, but maintains a professional attitude. I've had two colleagues at work purchase Mazda 3's because I loved mine so much, and they love theirs as well. One of those colleagues even started coming to the North Shore for her servicing, because I raved about the quality of service at Morrey Mazda. After her first visit, she told me that even her husband loved Chris, and her husband "didn't like mechanics in general". In the past, I in particular would worry about being fleeced by mechanics because I am so car illiterate, but that has never been a concern at Morrey Mazda...they are honest and upfront about everything going on with my car. Sometimes there is something unexpected that comes up in a maintenance check, but Chris always gives me a call to talk about it before they go ahead with any necessary work. Cars cost money to maintain, and it really saddens me when I see people take out their financial stress on the service guys....they don't deserve it. I can tell Chris, James and the other service desk guys work closely with the mechanics in the back, so thank you all for such superior service and care over the years. Thanks to Janet who books my appointments, she is lovely as well! If and when my car dies, I'll be buying another Mazda from Morrey Mazda NS....if only to keep getting the same quality of service.

    Amy A.

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Thank you for the exceptional quality and service every step of the way.
Let me repeat I trust Morrey Mazda.
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