• What a fine difference you made in my life today!

    Please pass on my thanks to all involved in helping me out today. I returned from a 5-week holiday to discover my Mazda 3 wouldn’t start. I twice got a jump from a neighbor and talked with Mike, then Dave, then ? to try to figure out whether to assume that driving the car would recharge the battery or if I should come in to have things checked. I have a really tight schedule and can’t afford unreliability with my transportation, and when the car wouldn’t start well after the last jump, I asked if you could fit me in this afternoon. You did, discovered that I didn’t need a new battery, just a strong charge, you did that, and I’m ever so grateful.

    Everyone was kind and calm and clear to deal with. And I really, really appreciate all that everyone offered today.

    Thank you. What a fine difference you made in my life today!

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Have never had a bad experience.
The service I got from Mike McCaffery, at the service desk was great.
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